If you’d like to start your own business, but simply do not have the experience or know-how to operate a successful operation, franchising with Lasaters Coffee & Tea® could be the perfect fit for you.

$35,000 Franchise Fee
                                $2,500 Discount for US Veterans
                                                                        PAY ABSOLUTELY NO ROYALTIES!

Here are a few things that make Lasaters Coffee & Tea® stand out from other franchise offerings…

Lasaters Coffee & Tea® features only the highest-quality items in our stores.  We offer custom-roasted coffees, a large selection of hot and iced organic and non-organic teas, iced and blended coffee or espresso-based drinks, bagels, muffins, danishes, sandwiches, grilled wraps and other bakery items.  There’s more…

We custom-roast our own coffees.  We develop relationships with single-origin coffee growers in different regions in various countries.  This relationship enables us to provide for our franchisees the freshest, best-tasting coffees from all over the world.  Our franchisees do not get coffee that’s been sitting on the shelf for weeks or months (or even years, like some of our national competitors).  It’s no wonder we get so many compliments on our great-tasting coffees and espressos!  In addition, our franchisees have the option of carrying all kinds of different types of coffees, not just some industrial blend that’s sold to the masses.

LASATERS® negotiates on behalf of their franchisees.  Many coffeehouse operators who are just getting started in the coffee industry experience the difficulties that surround opening and running a coffeehouse.  From the freight costs to the product research there is a multitude of roads that can be taken.  How do you negotiate better pricing than what your local distributor or wholesaler offers?  How do you find out which product is more cost effective?  The options are seemingly endless.  This is another benefit of owning a Lasaters Coffee & Tea® franchise!  LASATERS® is either a distributor, manufacturer or importer for every product we sell.  Our franchisees need not negotiate with other vendors to try to minimize their costs – that is already done for you!  One way for our franchisees to make a healthier profit than other franchise companies is if we pass on the savings to them.  Owning a Lasaters Coffee & Tea® franchise has many perks; profit is simply one of those perks!

How much is the franchise fee and how much are your royalties?  Our franchise fee is only $35,000.00 and we do not charge any royalties.

What about the equipment, furniture and the product?  LASATERS® makes it simple to get started – there’s no need to try to source the right equipment or product for your store! We have a custom equipment and furniture package that’s designed for each location.

How much does it cost to build or start a Lasaters Coffee & Tea® franchise?  The typical cost to start a LASATERS® cafe with drive-thru is $257,500 – $309,500. That includes all of the equipment, the buildout cost, the franchise fee, and all training involved. In addition to the $35k franchise fee, you’ll need to have about $60k-$90k in liquid assets (stocks, bonds, cash, checking account, etc.), in order to meet our primary financial requirements to become a LASATERS® franchisee.

Is Lasaters Coffee & Tea® listed on the U.S. Small Business Association Franchise Registry?  Yes! This is a VERY valuable benefit in seeking financing to open your own LASATERS® franchise! The SBA Franchise Registry is a prestigious national online listing of APPROVED franchise systems whose franchisees and existing franchisees receive accelerated loan processing through your lender and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). For more details on SBA loan qualifications click here.

Is it possible to get started by using an investor that I know?  Sure! While an investor may be your best option to get started you will still need to qualify, as will your investor, so that we can be sure that your business is successful for the long haul.

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What’s the first step?  First, you will need to submit some basic information via our online form(s) to verify you’re ready to start franchising.  Next, we will contact you for a meeting.  The process is fairly quick and you may be on your way to becoming a new business owner – how exciting! :)

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  • *Only applicants who have at least $35,000 for the franchise fee and about $60-90,000 in liquid assets will be considered. Thank you!