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Hello there! The short Q&A below should be able to answer any of your immediate questions regarding LASATERS® donations. If you’d like to reach out to us about a donation, please enter your information in the form below the Q&A and we will forward your request. Be sure to select the franchised location nearest your event. Due to the many requests we receive, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a response, but we will try our best. Thanks!

Q: Does LASATERS® donate food, drinks or other product (including gift cards) for events?
A: Lasaters Coffee & Tea® receives numerous requests of this kind; unfortunately, we are not able to honor them through the corporate office. You are welcome to contact the Lasaters Coffee & Tea® franchisee closest to the location of your event and discuss the possibility of his or her limited participation. To do so, please fill out the form below this Q&A section.

Q: What information do I need to submit in order to be considered for a donation?
A: In order to be considered for a donation we request that you submit as much information as possible relating to the event [number of people served, type of donation request (gift cards, coffee, tea, etc.), date of event, etc.]. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE STORES WITH DONATION REQUESTS. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address in the request form below so that we may get in contact with you.

Q: I’ve submitted a request for a donation but have not heard back from anyone. Will someone be contacting me?
A: Lasaters Coffee & Tea® franchised locations receive donation requests almost daily. If your event can be donated to, you will be hearing from the franchisee regarding the donation.

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